Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that utilizes pre-defined business logic, established rules and structured data to automate business processes. Software robots built on RPA are able to capture and interpret applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems. Robotic Process Automation is the ideal technology for many labor-intensive knowledge work. It handles repetitive, and rule-based, large volume tasks particularly well.

Automation is the Game Changer

Organizations are under pressure to be more productive and achieve better results with fewer resources. Every day your employees strive to complete countless time-consuming business processes that demand accuracy and speed but there’s a better way. Humans are error-prone and doing the same thing over and over can be a source of frustration among your employees. Automating manual tasks has proven to improve employee engagement, productivity, and regulatory compliance. Thanks to the high transaction volume of many manual processes, their impact often extends beyond an organization’s walls to customers, suppliers, partners, and investors.

Advantages of RPA

Increased Focus
RPA frees your human workforce for other value-added activities that are aligned to your business growth.
Productivity Gains
Increases your processing capacity and significantly reduces time required to perform tasks.
RPA tools provide detailed analytics that help to increase operational visibility and enable continuous improvement.
Better Quality & Control
Increases accuracy and compliance by eliminating human errors and recording every action in a process.
Easy to scale up or down based on your organizational needs. Additional bots can be deployed easily and quickly.
Cost Savings
Robots work 24/7/365 and cost only a third of a human resource.
Maantic’s RPA Approach

Whether you are looking to automate back-office operations, complement front office operations with automation or realize intelligent process automation, Maantic provides the keys to releasing the potential to applying sustainable methods and techniques to achieve repeatable results with the RPA platform. Maantic can scale your enterprise-wide automation and simplify the automation experience all while reducing costs, improving quality and ensuring compliance.

When it comes to Robotics, Maantic doesn’t just deploy robots in processes, but delivers true business transformation using Robotics. We help clients maximize business efficiencies and realize real-world benefits through RPA /RDA strategy, assessment, and deployment.

Maantic and UiPath

UiPath is the world-leader in process automation and business efficiency today. Maantic has partnered with UiPath to help organizations stay ahead in today’s competitive market. Our mission is to enable companies like you to leverage our expertise in UiPath to achieve your long-term business goals.

Today, most businesses require powerful automation solutions that are reliable, minimize costs, increase productivity and serve the organization for years. Our team’s experience combined with the power of UiPath propels your business into a higher level of efficiency and production.

Maximizing UiPath for Your Business

UiPath Consulting
Our experienced team helps you define the right uses cases and strategy of UiPath platform, process definition and simplification for automation, establishing the optimal governance structure to manage the virtual and human workforce.
UiPath Implementation
With a software engineering approach to UiPath implementation, we are able to deliver attended and unattended bots and manage the orchestration of the virtual workforce to enterprise and business unit demands.
Managed Services
Whether you are looking to manage existing UiPath environments, UiPath development team or meet the enterprise demands for automation, our managed services team is here to help your automation goals.